Arabia Finnland ▸ wall plate from 1980 - Design: Raija Uosikkinen

Arabia Finnland ▸ wall plate from 1980 - Design: Raija Uosikkinen

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ARABIA FINLAND wall plate. Kalevala annual 1980. Design: Raija Uosikkinen. Diameter about 20 cm. Scandinavian design of Arabia Finland. VINTAGE

Original Arabia Kalevala Vuosilautanen, Arstallrik Finland R. Uosikkinen Annual 1980.

The limited edition Arabia Kalevala plate series depicts scenes from Finnish mythology.

The Kalevala is an epic compiled by Elias Lönnrot in the 19th century, based on oral Finnish mythology. It is considered a Finnish national epic and is one of the most important literary works in Finnish. The Kalevala contributed significantly to the development of Finnish national consciousness and has also made an impact beyond Finland. The first version of the work was published in 1835. The title is derived from Kaleva, the name of the primal hero of the sung hero, and means something like "the land of Kalevas". The Kalevala standard text consists of 22,795 verses, which are presented in fifty songs.

Diameter: Approx. 20 cm
Height: Approx. 2,3 cm




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