Beautiful candle holder ▸ Sami style

Beautiful candle holder ▸ Sami style

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This beautiful candlestick is made in the style of the Sami people of Lapland.
On a branch of Lappish Pine candlesticks are attached, the lower part made of elk antler and the upper spouts, in which the candles are inserted, made of reindeer antler.
To give the whole a characteristic appearance, the candle holders were additionally provided with Sami motifs.
The manufacture of these candle holders is very time-consuming and tedious, because everything is handmade, so this should be a real rarity.
In any case, there will be a special eye-catcher at any place, wherever, especially since it can be extended by further own decorations.
It is definitely an absolute one!

Width: 73 cm
Height: 40 cm
Depth: 20 cm




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