Earrings ▸ made of moose teeth

Earrings ▸ made of moose teeth

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Ladies, who have always been in for something unusual and eye-catching, are in the right place here. Earrings made of real reindeer teeth, who has something like that?
I made them and offer them for sale here. These real moose front teeth, pulled by me personally, are the dude at all.
As a wearer, I can introduce myself especially to the ladies who work in the "dental business". In the case of the suffering patients, this sight is guaranteed to create laxity and serenity, that is, a more relaxed working on the object is possible.
The teeth are very light.

Size / Dimensions / Weight
Tooth length ca 4.5 cm
You about 0.5 cm
Weight of a tooth about 3g

used material
Animal tooth, nickel-free hook