Finnmesser "Puukko" ▸ with Karelian curly birch

Finnmesser "Puukko" ▸ with Karelian curly birch

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This Finnish knife, called "Puukko", was crafted directly in Lapland by a private knife manufacturer by hand.
The blade is made of high quality cabon steel and razor sharp.
The handle is made entirely of Karelian curly birch, then waxed and then painted. The knife lies well and handy in the hand.

The scabbard has been tanned from reindeer leather according to ancient Sami tradition on a vegetable basis by hand.
On the front side a Sami symbol image has been imprinted.
For carrying on the belt a fixed twisted loop is attached.

Total length: 20 cm
Blade length: 7.5 cm
Blade width: 1.8 cm
Handle length: 12 cm
Grip size: 9.5 cm




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