Handcraft basked ▸ e.g. for wool, knitting, sewing, croching etc.

Handcraft basked ▸ e.g. for wool, knitting, sewing, croching etc.

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Beautiful Storage basket in the Scandinavian Patchwork Shabby-Style, for example, for needlework, toys, etc.
The 6 large external pockets and additional 5 small interior pockets are ideal for the many well-stocked Sewing accessories such as scissors, needles, measuring tapes, manuals, pens etc. and instantly find. 
The generous basket is closed with a drawstring and has enough room to safely stow wool and / or part thereof handmade pieces from dirt and dust. 
The handle of the basket is very easy everywhere to accept.
Because this basket is very decorative, they need him not to hide or clear away. A great eye catcher in the living room or wherever.

-Height To basket rim 20cm to about 38cm tieback
Scope basket approx 66cm
-diameter Basket 21cm
-Wide Outside pockets (6 pcs.) Approx 11cm, bulged about 22cm
-Height Outside pockets (6 pcs.) Per 16cm

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