Kuksa with animal picture ▸ "Bear" - 180 ml/6 oz

Kuksa with animal picture ▸ "Bear" - 180 ml/6 oz

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This traditional wooden cup from Lapland is a constant faithful companion for trekking because it can be fixed by its leather strap comfortably to your belt or backpack. It need not be washed , but be rinsed with clear water only . Hot drinks can be consumed easily without getting your fingers or lips burn . The wood is lightly oiled , is water-resistant .

This " Kuksa " tubers cup is original made ​​in Lapland in carefully crafted by the ancient traditional method of birch wood tubers that the summer midnight sun, the northern lights and the bitter cold has inherited.

For ornament and for distinguishing a bear image has been burned into manual labor.
On request, the Kuksa can also be provided with an individual name .
Please specify this when ordering. Price then € 5 more to the specified final price.

Never wash a Kuksa with detergent or do it in the dishwasher !
Also, never leave with filled liquid for a longer time.
Then there is danger of cracking after drying out!

The image is only an example. In wood products the appearance can always look differently by different grain.

Height 6 cm, length 14 cm, diameter of the opening 7.5 cm.
Capacity approx 18o ml/6 oz

Materials utilised


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