Liquor bottle from Finnish curly birch ▸ Taskumatti - 180 ml/6 oz

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The Finnish "Taskumatti" (bags Matti) is a stylish accessory for any outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and anywhere for anyone.
It consists of a steel cylinder, whose exterior is covered with birch and birch veneer Finnish curly birch.
In it one can discretely stow "all cases" or "emergencies" in every pocket and easily removed when needed small sip.
A good screw with wooden lid guarantees the tightness so that unintentionally can not be lost.
The front shows a reindeer in Lapland landscape.
Capacity: 180 ml
Total height: 10 cm
Thickness: 2.2 cm

For customers from the UK.
Please note that the EU-Postage can still be calculated.
After the EU exit the postage doubles approximately.




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