Moose fur ▸ huge fur from Lappland

Moose fur ▸ huge fur from Lappland

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This huge moose fur from Lapland once warmed and protected a proud 17 Ender moose in the vast tundra of Lapland.
It has a beautiful natural brown color with white put on the leg ends.
When skinning, care was taken to keep the ears cohesive with the fur, which is very unusual.
The coat is superbly tanned and the back is in perfect condition.
The coat, especially for its size, is an outstanding wall hanging for a hunter household or e.g. a hunting style restaurant.
I also offer a matching antler.

Length diagonal: 2.00 m
Width front foot - foot: 2.40 m
Width belly center: 1.60 m
Width rear foot - foot: 2.60 m
Length head - tail: 2.00 m




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