Native Style Kuksa 3 ▸ wooden drinking Bowl - 120 ml/4 oz

Native Style Kuksa 3 ▸ wooden drinking Bowl - 120 ml/4 oz

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This traditional wooden drinking vessel from Lapland is e.g. Trekking is a constant loyal companion, because it can be easily attached to the belt or backpack with its leather loop. It does not need to be washed off, but only rinsed with clean water. Hot drinks can be drunk without problems and without burning your fingers or lips. The wood is slightly oiled, thus waterproof.

This original kuksa tubercule has been made in Lapland by hand, using the ancient traditional method of making a single birch tuber that has inherited the summer midnight sun, auroras and the freezing frost. It is not processed in its external form, but left in its natural original form. This underlines the original character of the Lapland Kuksa.

Capacity 120 ml
Total length: 12 cm
Inside diameter: 9 cm

The picture shows only an example. For wood articles, the appearance of different grain can always look different.

used material
Wood from the birch tuber

This is a pattern photo.
Natural products can always vary slightly in color and grain!