Necklace made of reindeer antlers ▸lily-of-the-valley blossom

Necklace made of reindeer antlers ▸lily-of-the-valley blossom

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This beautiful discreet reindeer horn necklace has been carefully crafted.
It is a lily-of-the-valley blossom that is considered a national flower in Finland.
Included is a fine leather strap with 45 cm length that can be adjusted in length.
Everything is packed completely in a beautiful transparent jewelery case.

For the production of reindeer antler jewelry no animal has to be alive. Reindeer (male & female) throw their antlers every year for the rest of their lives. These are collected and processed into jewelry.

Length of the trailer: 5.5 cm
Max. Width: 2.5 cm




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