Real organic cranberries ▸ wild from Lapland

Real organic cranberries ▸ wild from Lapland

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Wilde, organic cranberries from Lapland , even collected.
Grown in the wild expanses of the Lapland forests , these berries are hand picked by me personally , hand-picked and then been filled .
According to an old Finnish tradition, these berries have only been slightly crushed for longer shelf life , so they are in their own juice , which is acidic , conserved. The berries should be cooled, then they are stable over many months and can be used as needed. If they are frozen , the berries are then much more durable.

The content is completely natural, without any additives such as sugar or similar This can be added as needed or even taste .
These berries are used in the north mainly as an accompaniment to fine food such as venison or similar fit but also excellent as a supplement to ordinary meat dishes.

These berries are also particularly recommended as pie fillings or conditions For lovers of good baking plant.

Furthermore, you can also cook it an excellent jam, the exotic flavor leaves nothing to be desired.

Minimum order for pure berries: 500g
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The price refers to 1000g.
For larger quantities special prices possible.

used material
pure, wild, fully organic Lappish mountain cranberries without any additives.

hand-picked and -cleaned.