Rustic Kelo ("dead" wood) ceiling light ▸ wood lamp

Rustic Kelo ("dead" wood) ceiling light ▸ wood lamp

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The sight of this extraordinary home-made natural light causes the viewer true reverence for the beauty and uniqueness of nature produces.

The upper part is made entirely of a branch of a Finnish polar pinewood. This was a few decades in the Lapland forest and took in this time the gray patina similar coloring which is typical for this wood.

The lower actual lamp part, consisting of 3 ring-shaped lamps, are each made of Kelo-wood from Lapland in laborious manual work.
The wood comes from dead trees in the tundra, of about 80 years standing die after stopping their growth. The wood then weathered many decades or centuries until they eventually collapse.
Until then arises the typical silvery-gray patina-like color, which is very characteristic.
Partly this wood is several hundred years old.

One can not imagine what historical periods this tree has lived through so as not to come into raptures.

It hangs as it were "history" into the room.

This explains the presence of cracks and nicks. This was produced by the drying over the decades and have no shortage of the matter, but is rustic part of that.
The light shines mysteriously through it.

Hung is the whole ensemble to 3 chains of about 40 cm, ensuring a stable suspension.
Thus, the mounting height of the lamp can be varied as required.

In each case a screw base E27 is fitted to receive the light source, which I strongly recommend the use of an energy-saving lamp or LEDs, due to the lower heat generation.

Of course Pickup is possible after prior agreement!
That would be most easily accomplished in as a journey towards Denmark or coast, since my residence is just off the A7.

 Overall length: 95 cm
 Width max. 72 cm
 Height: 65 cm

For customers in the US and Canada the lamp can be fitted with US-standard sockets.