rusty wooden table lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

rusty wooden table lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

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This original table lamp consists of a piece of original Kelo wood straight from Lapland. Due to its rugged growth form it lends every place where it is a unique "eye-catcher".
The term "kelo-wood" is used for dead polar pine trees, which are grown around the polar circle.
After the natural dying of the wood, the wood dries out completely due to the special weather conditions at the polar circle and gets a special patina-like grayish coloring from the outside due to the external influences such as wind, rain, snow, and frost.
I have also cleaned the exterior, freed from bumps and sealed with natural wood wax.

The lighted lamp shade is attached to a brass rod, at the end of which a mount E14 is fixed.
When switched on this brings a nice warm and cozy light into the room.
A cable with a built-in cable switch serves as a feed line.

Length: 50 cm
Width: 24 cm
Height with shade: 55 cm

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