Salt bottle ▸ birch wood tubers - 4 g/0,14 uz

Salt bottle ▸ birch wood tubers - 4 g/0,14 uz

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Who has not already happened? 
At the picnic, hiking or at the beach, the smallest Snack lacks either the salt or you have awkward packed it somewhere. If you're unlucky, it's also yet expired. 

These salt bottle, conveniently hung around the neck, solves the problem. 
It has been made ​​the traditional way in Lapland from birch wood tubers. Is regarded by the locals and was successfully supported for centuries on the walks and has proved very successful. It is closed with a plug closure and thus can withstand wind and rain without the salt is wet.

The image is only an example. In wood products the appearance can always look differently by different grain.

Height 7 cm, width 4 cm, depth 2 cm
capacity 4 g/0,14109585


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