Soup Kuksa ▸ with moose antler - 450 ml/15,5 oz

Soup Kuksa ▸ with moose antler - 450 ml/15,5 oz

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For hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this piece is really indispensable. 
Made from the wood of Lapland birch tubers this Kuksa has an amazing capacity of nearly half a liter. 
Therefore, it is also preferable used by the locals in the north as the "Soup Kuksa", in addition to conventional drinking Kuksa. 
It is for hikers also interesting because, no matter what Kuksa, it just can be cleaned  only with clear water somewhere in the nature. 
Then it can be fixed and taken in a backpack or belt again. Kuksas are particularly suitable for rugged and rough handling and last a lifetime with proper care.

Length 22 cm
Height 7.5 cm
Inner diameter 12 cm
Capacity 450 ml/15,5 oz

The picture is only an example. In wood products the appearance may look always different by different grain.


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