Super-exclusive Polar lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

Super-exclusive Polar lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

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Who buys this product not only has a great lamp but also something very special, rather unique.
Namely, the wood used is sogn.Lappland or polar pine, that is, somewhere in the far north, in the Lapland tundra, a tree has died standing and then weathered standing in this position for centuries.Students call this wood "Kelo" because It has created an almost silvery patina due to the weathering in the dry northern climate, through the constant influence of wind, sun, snow and ice. Even there in the far north are manufactured objects made of this wood a special feature.

Due to its size, the strain I use here can be estimated to be at least 400 years old.

So if you value something special and in addition have the right living environment, or a hunting lake or weekend hut, should afford this beautiful wooden lamp.
Of course, it also fits in any other rustic decor or in a hotel lobby.

The attached plate is an oak tree disc. This has been sealed surface as well as laterally for protection.

This is the absolute and exclusive eye-catcher. Especially in the dark, this lighting develops its full magic power of light and magic.
As mood lighting you can u.a. use a salt crystal lamp or a flame light bulb.

Of course, own pickup is possible!
That would be easiest to do at e.g. A drive towards Denmark or coast, because my place of residence is right on the A7.
Size / Dimensions / Weight

Total height: about 80 cm
outer diameter max 37 cm
of pane; max 60 cm
used material

old Lapland pine, sogn. "Kelo wood" Oak disc.

Delivery is without crystal light and decoration material!