Survival Kit ▸ Kuksa - Puukko - Salt Bottle - Pocket Bottle

Survival Kit ▸ Kuksa - Puukko - Salt Bottle - Pocket Bottle

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In order to survive in the freedom of the wild, you often need only a small little thing to cope with the challenges then occurring.
This "survival set" consisting of a Kuksa, a Finnish Puukko knife, a bottle for the necessary "medicine" as well as a salt bottle could be just the right gift for the nature-loving man / woman. It satisfies all outdoor needs in one.
The Kuksa can be arbitrarily exchanged from my current Kuksa offer depending on the desired motive, the price remains the same.
Before ordering please inquire if the desired motif is in stock.

Dimensions of the Kuksa:
Height 6 cm, length 14 cm, diameter of the opening 7.5 cm.
Capacity about 18o ml.

Dimensions of the bottle:
Capacity: 180 ml, total height: 10 cm, thickness: 2.2 cm

Dimensions of the salt bottle:
Height 7 cm, width about 4 cm, depth 2 cm

Dimensions of the knife:
Total length: 19.5 cm
Blade length: 7.5 cm
Blade width: 2 cm
Handle length: 12 cm
Grip size: 9.5 cm

The scabbard is made of elk leather by hand.
To be worn on the belt a fixed twisted loop is attached. The blade is made of high quality carbon steel and the handle is made entirely of curly birch.