Tree trunk lamp from Lappland ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

Tree trunk lamp from Lappland ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

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Who buys this product has not only a great wood-lamp but also something very special, very unique.
The wood used is in fact so called " Lapland- pine". Somewhere in the far northern tundra of Lapland is a dead tree standing for centuries and is weathered in this position. Experts call this wood "Kelo" or "Dead wood" because it has weathered in the arid northern climate, by the constant influence of wind, sun, snow and ice and has created an almost silvery patina. Even in the far north there are objects made from this wood is a special feature.

My used wood can be estimated at an age of at least 400 years.

So if you value something special and also sets the right environment, like a hunting lake or weekend cottage possesses should make this beautiful piece.
Of course, it fits well in any other country-style furnishings.

Because of the bulky size of the object and to ensure its safe delivery, I will personally deliver this wonderful lamp within Germany and to the immediate vicinity of the neighboring states.

Delivery costs are calculated by distance kilometers!

Of course, their own pick-up is possible!

outer diameter of approximately 35 cm
Height ca 107  cm

Materials utilised
Lapland old pine, "Kelo-wood,"


For customers in the US and Canada the lamp can be fitted with US-standard sockets.

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