Wooden ceiling lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

Wooden ceiling lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

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Already the sight of this extraordinary self-made wood lamp gives the observer real reverence for the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

The upper part consists entirely of a three-part Finnish juniper root. This was, for example, Peeled, cleaned, honed and then finely oiled. As a result, the striking contours of the grain became more prominent.

The lower, actual lamp part, consists of a piece of polar pine from Lapland. (Kelo-wood.)
This is wood of dead trees standing in the tundra after finishing their growth of about 80 years. These often emit many decades or centuries before they break down.
Until then the typical silvery-gray patina-like coloration is very characteristic.
According to the usual description and conversion of the trunk thickness, it is to be assumed that the strain I used here has an approximate age of about 400 years.
One must not imagine what historical periods this tree has lived through in order not to get excited.

One hangs so to say "history" into the room.

The lamp is suspended from black chains which ensure a stable suspension.

A screw socket E27 is attached for the recording of the illuminant, whereby I recommend the use of an LED or energy saving lamp, because of the lower heat development.
As a canopy cover for the upper cable connection, I have specially made a birch bark construction.

For customers in the US, lamps will be fitted according US-standard.

The lamp can also be picked up, e.g. On a trip to Denmark or the coast. My place of residence is directly on the A7.
In case of charge, I can also deliver the lamp within Germany.
Size / Dimensions / Weight

Total length: ca 1.10 m from ceiling to lamp end
Width of root max. Ca 70 cm
Lamp body dimensions: diameter ca 30 cm, height ca 20 cm
Mass. Estimated 10 kg
used material

Juniper, polars, chains, cables & accessories