Wooden floor lamp - with LED 2 ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

Wooden floor lamp - with LED 2 ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

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This beautiful floor lamp from a Lapland Kelo-tree radiates a naturalness, as only pieces can be directly from nature. It adapts itself well everywhere, between plants or also as a single object, it is simply a "eye-catcher".
The exterior is patina-like gray, which is due to the weather influences along the polar circle. They give the object a really rustic, untouched appearance. Created and shaped by nature itself, it is free from any artificiality and imitation that contain many commercial objects nowadays.
It is simple - a real unicum - created by nature and worked by me.

The lighting from the inside is ensured by an LED strip with little energy consumption.
The associated transformer is operated with 220V.

Max height 24 cm
Max width 26 cm

For customers in the USA, the electric equipment can be changed to US-standard.

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