Wooden hanging lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

Wooden hanging lamp ▸ made of Kelo "dead" wood

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This beautiful pendant lamp has been fully worked out of the piece of a Kelo-tree trunk by hand.
Kelo-wood comes from Lapland by ancient, dead trees that have been exposed for many decades, partly centuries, the weathering conditions and thereby have dried up.
By around laterally incorporated holes the light shines through effective and also raises wonderfully beautiful effects on walls and ceiling.

The lamp hang on a chain of about 60 cm length, for the light source is a E27 has been processed.
Due to the size of the lamp body, the illuminated area is quite large, so suitable for a large table or similar

Small cracks in the wood are of course caused by the drying, but does not diminish the quality and durability in total!

outer diameter max. 33 cm
inner diameter max. 27 cm
Height ca. 22 cm

Materials used:
Wood, metal chains


For custumers in the US or Canada US-standard sockets can be built in!