Wooden hanging lamp ▸ made of pine rings 1

Wooden hanging lamp ▸ made of pine rings 1

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Hanging lamp, made of 14 differently sized rings of pinewood. These have been arranged at regular intervals pyramid-shaped over each other in order to make the light shine out quietly and comfortably sideways. Of course, the light output downward is also very large, so that you can also light a large table underneath. Attached to a high ceiling, it can illuminate the entire room underneath.
To emphasize the wood structure, everything has been treated with wood wax.
Inside is a brass version E27. Since the lamp also weighs some, a chain has been attached to the suspension. This has a length of 60 cm, but can be made longer on request.

On request the lamp can be fitted with US-standard equipment.

Height: 47 cm
Lower diameter: 33 cm
Upper diameter: 10 cm

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