wooden moody table lamp ▸ made from pine and birch veneer

35,00 €Price


From a cylinder, the striking patterns were cut out and birch veneers were placed above them.
The base is made of pinewood and teak wood, which has been treated with wood wax for better handling. This ensures better cleaning and prevents annoying fingerprints or dirt marks.

Inside is a socket E14 into which an LED or energy saving light should be inserted. This prevents unnecessary heat accumulation.
A connection cable with cable switch is also installed.
To replace the illuminant, the body is simply raised and then returned to its position.

For customers in the US appropriate adapters are included!

Height: 31 cm
Foot diameter: 19 cm
Body diameter: 13 cm

Please note!
For customers from the UK. Buy now.
Please note that the EU-Postage can still be calculated.
After the EU exit, the postage will double approximately, plus customs fees.




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