wooden natural table lamp ▸ made with Kelo "dead" wood

wooden natural table lamp ▸ made with Kelo "dead" wood

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This beautiful table lamp was made from an ancient branch of a polar pine that grew high in the north, in Lapland.
After the death of the tree, the wood, due to the weather conditions of the polar region (wind, frost, rain, sunshine), over the years a so-called Kelo tribe. This is how the wood of the dead polar pine is called locally.
Gray patina-like color has drawn the wood and some have already settled small mosses and lichens.

As a foot, a wooden disc made of pine was chosen so that the lamp and foot fit together as well as possible.
The version E27, to accommodate a light bulb, was chosen in the rustic style and the gray supply cable is striking by its same color on the branch barely.
The connecting cable is 1.30 m long and equipped with a cable switch.
Delivery without bulbs!

Total height: 85 cm
Width: about 35 cm
Foot knife: 24 cm




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