wooden table lamp ▸ made of birch trunk 2

wooden table lamp ▸ made of birch trunk 2

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This birch trunk I've hollowed out and made it into a beautiful, natural table lamp.
A truly unique!
Through the openings created around, the light shines in all directions and is a real Mood light, possible next to the TV.
As a conclusion, a cover of plywood is placed on it, which was also glued with birch bark and 5 holes to prevent heat buildup.
The cover is easily detachable for those who would like to have more light upwards.
Built in is an E14 socket with a connecting cable and cable switch.
To change the bulb, the strain is simply lifted from the base and then a mounted again.

Total height: 30 cm
Trunk diameter: 16 cm Max
Stand base diameter: 17 cm


For customers in the US I can offer socket-adapters for using us-standard bulbs!

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