wooden table lamp ▸ made with Kelo "dead" wood 3

wooden table lamp ▸ made with Kelo "dead" wood 3

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This beautiful rustic table lamp has been sliced ​​from a trunk of the polar pine.
The term "kelo" is used for the dead tree after decades of standing in the Lapland tundra, assuming the typical grayish patina-like coloration.
Due to the very slow growth high in the north, this tribe already has its 300 years old, so it is very old and hard.
Provided with a socket E14 you can remnant a corresponding lamp inside, preferably an energy-saving lamp wg. the lower heat development.
Through the openings between the individual panes a great warm light effect is achieved and you have a great "eye-catcher".
A real unique!
This specimen has, due to the age, some external chipping damage, which are purely optical, so do not reduce the function. Nevertheless, and therefore this price is significantly lower here than other, intact copies.

The visible cracks are natural and created by natural drying over many years.
Also attached is a cable with plug and cable switch.

Delivered without bulbs


Total height: 19 cm
Max. Diameter: 13 cm
used material

Wood, Kelo wood,


This wood is something very special and is called kelo wood.
This is a Finnish term used for ancient dead polar pines.
That is to say, after the short growth in the summer months that in the region around the Arctic Circle is already short anyway, the pine dies and then remains, influenced by the polar weather sometimes several centuries, until it either falls over or is felled. Hence the slightly reddish-brown color. The trunk from which the lamps were made is about 300 years old (look at the tight annual rings).

Note: For customers in the USA all lamps can be fitted with US-standard adapters!