wooden tree-disc table lamps - with LED ▸ double pack

wooden tree-disc table lamps - with LED ▸ double pack

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These tree-disk-lamps are only available in the double pack shown.
They are made of ash wood, sanded and then sealed with wood wax. As a decorative substructure, both lamps are placed on a board made of Lapland kelo wood. Between, in front of and / or behind the lamps, you can place decorative objects according to your personal taste.
The illumination of the tree disks is ensured by one LED band at a time, but at the same time power is supplied by only one transformer. In the middle of the tree-disk lamps, a glass crystal hangs in each case in the center, which impressively reflects the light when the lighting is switched on.
This combination of wood and light will be an impressive eye-catcher at every spot.

Length of the board: 61 cm
Width of the board: 19.5 cm
Outer diameter tree discs: 22 cm
Inner diameter tree discs. 13 cm
Thickness: 5 cm

Delivery without decoration material!




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