XL Kuksa with moose antler ▸ wooden jug - 300 ml/10 oz

XL Kuksa with moose antler ▸ wooden jug - 300 ml/10 oz

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This traditional wooden cup from Lapland in the XL size is good for trekking as a constant faithful companion as its smaller version for drinking, because it can be conveniently attached to a belt or backpack.
In this format, it is more likely to be described as "Kuksa-jug" because it summarizes the max. content of about 300 ml.
The handle is decorated with an inlay of elk antler.
It need not be washed, but be rinsed with clear water. Hot drinks and soups can be drunk easily without the fingers or lips burn. The wood is lightly oiled, thus waterproof.

This "Kuksa" tuber-cup is originally manufactured in Lapland in carefully crafted by the ancient traditional method of birch-wood tubers that the summer midnight sun, the northern lights, and the clashing of frost has inherited.


Quite unique!

Watch out!
Never wash with detergent or a Kuksa do in the dishwasher!
Also, never leave with padded liquid for a longer time.
Then there is danger of cracking after drying out!

Height 10 cm, length 16,5 cm, diameter of the opening 8 cm.
Capacity approx 300 ml/10 oz

Materials utilised
Wood from the birch tuber


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